Moment Driven Mobile Marketing

RAIN targets consumers and serves relevant ads on every app as they use their phone throughout daily life.

Advertise Everywhere

Rain places your ads on thousands of apps and mobile websites people are using as they go about their daily lives.


Location Based Targeting

Whether an entire city or a specific intersection, Rain targets potential consumers on their phones within 10 foot accuracy.

Precise Geo-Conquesting

Rain targets competitors locations with your mobile promotion, driving traffic to your business.

High Quality Promotions

A team of designers will create several mobile ads for your business. Rain will help you promote your deals to your community and reinforce your brand.

Premium Ad Placement

Rain ensures that your ad always appears beautifully and has prominent positioning.

Mobile Optimized Experience

Rain creates a mobile optimized website for every location to provide
a high quality experience for your customers.

Location Based Reminders

Rain integrates with Apple Passbook and Android Pay to prompt pop-up reminders when a consumer comes close to your business location.

Real Time Reporting

Rain provides real time reporting of key metrics for each business location, making it easy to monitor your campaign.

Dead Simple Reporting

Rain makes it easy to track ROI and view the performance of your ads across our network of apps and mobile websites.

Powerful Re-Marketing

When a potential customer clicks but doesn't buy, Rain shows them your ad as they browse the mobile web and other apps.