We are RAIN, a mobile marketing agency
for banks and credit unions

From federally compliant ads, to ad distribution with optimized landing page solutions, we help banks attract, engage and turn prospects into customers with lifecycle based mobile marketing.

We also love sharing what we’ve learned while doing this, via our blog, eBooks and case studies.

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Grow Your Bank with Mobile Marketing

Understanding the fundamentals of mobile marketing is a prerequisite for success in today’s always-on, hyper-connected world.

We've created a tailored guide for banks that will provide a step by step process and best practises to acquire customers using mobile.

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Mobile Marketing for Banks

With a full-service team managing each campaign, RAIN is your partner in growing your business.



With years of experience working in the Financial Services Industry, RAIN can help you achieve your marketing goals and KPIs via mobile advertising.


Proven ROI

Tried and tested by numerous clients, our team of experts will help your institution increase deposits, attract engaged depositors and keep your current clients happy.


RAIN knows that mobile marketing for banks and credit unions can be complicated due to federal regulations. Our ads are safe, proven, and fully compliant.



Our clients are also our partners. Each client has a dedicated mobile marketing strategist that caters to their specific needs.



RAIN will manage your campaign's full lifecycle to ensure that your ads maintain high visibility on relevant apps and websites.


Detailed Reports

RAIN doesn't just optimize your campaign - we also provide your team the tools to monitor results in real time with a comprehensive marketing dashboard and powerful reporting.




 Banks and credit unions are built on relationships. RAIN knows that cross-selling is a critical marketing strategy to help your institution increase revenue. With offline device matching, we can help you cross-sell to your existing clients with ease. 



RAIN can help you connect with potential clients. Using information collected as consumers use their phones, RAIN can target your ideal customer based on multiple data points.

With RAIN, we found a great mobile partner to help us reach today’s connected consumer. The ability to geo-fence and geo-conquest target markets is a great tactic to help accomplish our overall marketing goals.

John Oxford

Sr. Vice President & Director of Marketing

Within just one month of working with RAIN, we saw a 43% lift in average new accounts. These new clients and deposits resulted in an ROI of over 720%.

Courtney Shaw

Associate VP of Marketing

RAIN has been the most powerful marketing tool for Kasasa products that First National Bank has used to date.

Amy Woodard

Vice President & Director of Marketing



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