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4 Tips on Winning Over Customer Loyalty

Forward-thinking companies understand that winning over customer loyalty requires putting them first and understanding their needs. It is extremely beneficial to dive into all your existing data to find patterns between your current clients. Utilizing this information will help you identify trends and make smart decisions on which products or

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Ad Placement: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that advertising in apps is much more effective than advertising on mobile websites. But have you wondered why we’re so pro-app and anti-website?  If so, here’s an in-depth explanation to fully convince you that devoting your ad spend to in-app advertising is a crucial component

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4 Mobile Advertising Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you getting frustrated with your mobile marketing campaigns? Do you feel like you’re wasting your money because you don’t see results?  There are many factors that can influence the outcome of your campaigns, from the actual offer or product you’re promoting to the audience you’re targeting. However, there are

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