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Implementing Google Analytics and Optimizing Your Campaign

Tracking your website traffic and your campaign results is extremely important for your bank’s success. Compared to other media, mobile allows marketers to measure campaign results across multiple data points.  If you’re not already using Google Analytics to understand your audience and optimize your efforts, your first mobile marketing campaign

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Geofencing and the Benefits of Hyperlocal Targeting

Location-based marketing is bringing mobile advertising to the next level, making it way more effective than ever before.  Geofencing is a term used in mobile marketing that refers to setting up virtual fences or boundaries around a specific geographical location. This implies that while people are within that specific area

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Building Successful Mobile Landing Pages

With the rise of mobile usage in recent years, mobile-friendly websites are no longer a bonus but a must-have. Here are our recommendations to create a landing page that will make your audience take action.   What makes a good mobile landing page?    1. Design for mobile When building

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Why is Branding Important for Banks?

Branding is a relatively new concept within the banking industry, especially if you consider that banks have been around since ancient times. Back in the day, and as seen in old western movies, there was only one bank in each community. People used it because it was there, and not

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