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Why Should I Advertise on Mobile vs. Desktop?

Why should I advertise on mobile vs desktop? If you have been asking this question to yourself, we have got your answer.  When it comes to marketing, placement is everything. In order to attract your target audience, you have to know how to reach them. However, you also have to

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Why Community Banks Should Build a Mobile Banking App

It’s no secret that we live in an app world. Everything has an app, it seems, and if it doesn’t, consumers are demanding one to be made as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll find another brand or service that offers an app. Historically, this was less of a concern for

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How to Design a Visually Attractive Mobile Ad

How many people block display ads or mobile ads? Around 11% of all mobile users, or more than 500 million people. Although that is not a segment of the world’s market that most can afford to miss, it is effectively blocked. That tells us that anyone eager to use mobile

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