Make 2022 Holiday Marketing Effective for Your Business

The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is a golden opportunity for credit unions, banks, and anyone in sales. Many people are searching for ways to fund their holiday purchases and a personal loan or credit card could be the perfect answer for some.  


On average, shopping done during the holidays accounts for around 20% of annual retail sales. Financial institutions, large retailers, small businesses, and newcomers can all benefit from ramping up their ad campaigns during the holiday season. Whether that is advertising a credit card or reaching out to your most loyal customers, holiday marketing can work in your favor. If you really want to optimize and maximize your ROI, follow the tips and strategies that you’ll find below.  

    Holiday Marketing Effective Marketing

    1. Implement Fast and Easy Checkout Processes 

    The buying or application process for any product or service should be as simple as possible. 

    If it is a tangible object, implement checkout features like one-click purchase systems to ensure users don’t have the time to rethink their decision while typing all their personal information. For products like credit cards and loans, ensure the application process is as simple and short as possible. Ask only for the most essential bits of information and ensure users complete the necessary forms in one sitting. There is information that can be requested or added afterwards. Don’t lose potential sales or customers due to tedious processes. Make it quick and easy!  


    2. Learn from Previous Campaigns  

    Data from previous marketing campaigns can be analyzed to see what elements performed well and who responded to them. Considering holiday campaigns tend to be short term, monitoring and implementing changes on a daily basis can result in a higher overall performance. A/B testing your creatives and overall strategy will lead to better results. That is why working with a team of experts could help you speed up the process and achieve your goals faster. 

    Adjusting your creatives and overall plan of action could help you gain a higher ROI during the holidays, and year over year.

    3. Benefit from the Power of Retargeting 

    Whether you are promoting a physical object with a noticeable discount or a credit card with an extremely low interest rate, now it is the time to reach out to those who showed interest in you in the past.  

    Gather all the traffic from people who have visited your website during the last few months and push a big promotion or sale. People who already showed interest in your services or products might make an impulse purchase based on the holiday rush.  

    It has been proven that retargeting can lift ad engagement rates, and provide a higher click-through rate than blanketed display network campaigns. Consider implementing a retargeting campaign to your holiday strategy on top of other marketing efforts.  


    4. Bring the Holiday Fun to Your Ads 

     Research shows that holiday messaging and overall themed imagery results, on average, in 58% higher engagement compared to those without it.  

     So even though every single brand is implementing the holiday-themed ads, you should do it too – just better! Be as creative as possible, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Do not stick to one concept only but simultaneously launch at least 8 to 10 different ad sets. Use different tag lines, imagery, and alternate the emphasis on the benefits of your products or services. The more variety you provide to users, the less brand fatigue you will create to your audience.  


    The holidays are a vital time of the year for many businesses, and everyone can benefit from having fruitful, productive marketing strategies. The experts at RAIN are capable and ready to help you create the perfect campaign for your business. From beautiful ads to spot-on analytics, RAIN has everything you need to achieve your business goals through effective mobile marketing campaigns. Contact us today and get your campaign going.  


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