Easy Ways to Stay Active on Social Media

Social media presence is as essential to the modern business as a basic online presence, and yet few companies are sure of how to establish that presence, maintain it, and be “active” in the social media sphere. Even when a firm is aware of what needs to be done, it is an issue that can easily get put aside for what seems to be more crucial matters. In this blog post, we put forward some easy ways to be more active on social media.
However, social media is a great deal more important than most businesses realize. Neglecting it is the same as saying, “We do not believe we need to acquire new customers for the future.”
Is that being overly dramatic? Not when you understand that word of mouth advertising is no longer spoken so much as it is expressed on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. For example, when someone requires a good lender for a home improvement project, they don’t ask the neighbor. Instead, they go online and look at websites, reviews, and ask social media friends what they think.
Social media marketing has to be as important as any other form of marketing, if not more so, since it gives your clients a more direct insight into your firm, and can allow you to express your mission far more thoroughly than almost any other content or message.


    Here are the 5 Easy Ways to Be More Active on Social Media

    Having a Plan

    Nothing sabotages your social media efforts more than going at it without a road map. This is because social media is interwoven with other marketing work, such as blogging, article sharing, ad campaigns, print campaigns, and more. Fail to make connections ahead of time and you fail to use social media properly.

    As an example, a Christmas Club is a classic savings tool still in use in many banks and credit unions. It has to be announced before and after deposits should begin. The benefits of the savings plan have to be described in a series of blogs posted according to a timeline, and these blogs have to link to your social media.


    Don’t get this wrong – you can and should automate some elements of your social media responsiveness and activity, but not the communications between your company and your clientele. Instead, find resources that look for the ideal infographics, videos, and blog posts from related firms or industries and allow those to automatically integrate with your social media plans.

    Point Contact

    While it is difficult to squeeze more out of operating budgets and marketing plans, a human voice must resonate through your social media responses. For example, one tweet a month is not adequate, and ignoring a comment or question for days or weeks is a sign of trouble.

    Assigning a single person to the role of social media expert is one way to get active and remain so instantly.

    Impose Limits

    While it is ultra-tempting to be present on every possible social media site, not all are suited to your company’s needs. Take time to determine your best bets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on), limit yourself to two or three, and be sure they are all incorporated into your plans.

    Turn to Experts

    Lastly, one of the best ways to get active on social media quickly is to work with experts who can show your firm all of the essential steps and lead you along the best paths. At RAIN you can work with a team experienced in growing your audience through social media activity and marketing, and your content will soon be attracting a new and growing audience.

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