How to Promote Your Mobile Banking App: Surefire Tips for Marketing Success

Mobile banking apps are nothing new. And yet, you might still find yourself in a situation where you have to promote yours in order to get customers on board. To easily turn your marketing campaign into a success, you must know how to promote your mobile banking app. After all, while people typically prefer apps, they can’t download what they don’t know exists. In your efforts to build and market your own mobile app, you’ll have to know exactly how to reach people and give them what they want. In order to do that, there’s one question that you need to answer:

What’s in it for the consumer?

Why should people care? What makes it worthwhile for anyone to pay attention to your app, and most importantly, what are the perks of giving mobile banking a try? You have to go deeper than convenience, too. If you can provide answers to these questions that satisfy an array of audiences, you’ll easily turn your marketing campaign into a success when promoting a new mobile banking app. 


    Pay Attention to Your Audience

    Research shows that some banks and financial institutions cater to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd, so they may appear to have mastered the art of mobile banking and marketing flawlessly. It’s likely that their own efforts took some trial and error, too, but you just didn’t pay attention to that part. It isn’t to say that your older audience isn’t going to adopt technology. In fact, many people reaching or passing retirement age are actively engaged in or interested in mobile apps and technology.  

    Give Them Something Better

    This might sound obvious, but the fact of the matter is that you have to make sure that you’re giving people something that adds value. It’s going to be difficult to convince people to use your mobile banking app if it’s clunky, slow-loading, or more complicated than your mobile website. The whole point is convenience and ease of use. If your app doesn’t deliver, why would people change?

    Be Careful with Social Ads and Videos

    Social networking is fun and entertaining. Most people aren’t looking to wander off from a good time to sign up for mobile banking or download a new banking app. If you are going to engage people with social ads, make sure that you’re careful about it. Give them a really good reason to engage your bank and download the new app. It might help to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. What would cause you to navigate away from something like social media to try a new banking app? So long as it’s realistic, consider adding it to your strategy. 

    Start at the Front Lines

    Make sure that your customer service reps and the people that your customers interact with on a regular basis are familiar with the app and aware of how to use it. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even offer to help people download the app and get it set up in your physical bank, or provide a tutorial on the website. Showing people how easy it is will be the best way to convince them, after all. 

    Wrapping Up

    Mobile banking is certainly going to be the future of the banking industry. However, it is something that you have to do right if you are going to be effective at it. If you’re going to increase adoption, you have to figure out why people are hesitant. Ask yourself things like:

    • Is the app difficult to install or set up?
    • Is the technology outdated or slow?
    • Is there a better reason to change beyond convenience?

    No matter how convenient technology is, change is still scary and you have to give people more reason to change than not. If you keep that in mind, you’ll have much more success with mobile banking adoption in the future. 


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