Should I Add Content Marketing to My Bank’s Overall Strategy?

Your bank’s marketing strategy is kind of unique to its needs, but there are certainly some practices that have proven to be effective that everyone should employ. Content marketing may very well be one of those practices. This marketing tool can help you convert leads, build brand loyalty, and even position you as an expert in your industry. 

Bear in mind that content marketing has its own challenges in the financial services world, in regards to things like regulatory compliance and strict legal guidelines. Fortunately, the obstacles are fairly simple to overcome and putting in the effort is always worth it when you do it well. Keep reading to learn what value content marketing has and why your bank needs it. 


    Smaller Banks Need to Grow or Go

    The big banks are taking the Internet by storm, causing smaller banks to lose valuable market share just because they aren’t keeping up with the digital user experience. 66% of customers perform more than half of their banking online these days  – HelpScout, and that number is going to continue to increase. That means if you don’t get on board, you’re going under. A digital experience is not complete without a solid digital marketing strategy, which includes content marketing.  

    How Can Small Banks Benefit from Content Marketing?

    Before anyone can benefit from content marketing, they have to understand how they can even use it to their advantage when it comes to building a solid online marketing strategy for their bank. In the form of blogs, articles, e-books, infographics, and even social posts, you can provide a variety of informational resources for your customers. Things like budget templates and financial calculators can also be used in content marketing to offer a useful tool for your community bank. 

    Content helps build brand visibility, which is a must for small banks today. It also gives you the opportunity to create valuable financial resources and position yourself as an authority in the industry. This makes it easy for the bank to continue to grow and gain customers, since it is seen as such a trusted resource for so many people. 

    What Kind of Content Marketing Is Most Effective?

    There is no real answer to the single-most effective option for content marketing. That’s because, like all forms of marketing, this is a strategy, and some efforts will work better than others. Even starting a blog is better than nothing, but your content marketing strategy should be every bit as dynamic and diverse as the rest of your marketing and advertising efforts. 

    If you need to outsource content production, do it. Choose a reputable marketing agency or content writing service that can handle your needs and produce the material that you have in mind. You don’t have to hire a staff of writers or settle for subpar content that you write yourself. With the right budget and planning, you can afford to invest in quality content for your small bank’s marketing needs, no matter what you have in mind.  

    The Bottom Line

    As with most areas of marketing when it comes to your community bank, it’s less of a matter of whether you can benefit from this tool and more about how you can implement it to help build brand authority, give your bank a voice, and compete with the big banks that are taking the digital marketing world by storm. Marketing with content can do this, and so much more, if you use it well. Add content marketing to your bank’s strategy and watch your audience following and brand reputation soar.  


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