How to Design a Visually Attractive Mobile Ad

How many people block display ads or mobile ads? Around 11% of all mobile users, or more than 500 million people. Although that is not a segment of the world’s market that most can afford to miss, it is effectively blocked. That tells us that anyone eager to use mobile ads and display ads on apps or websites must make their ads the very best possible.

In other words, you need to put in extra effort to get that click, and that means being all about the “visuals”. As the title above indicates – you need to know how to design a visually attractive mobile ad if you want it to supply a good ROI (return on investment).

Design is a strong influence over first impressions. It is why we all know that old adage of not “judging a book by its cover,” because the content could amount to tripe while the cover keeps making lots of sales. We are not saying you want to follow that model and make a great mobile ad that doesn’t deliver, but we do want you to give good design its due and focus on that element as you begin creating this part of an ad campaign.


    Here are some tips for designing visually attractive mobile ads:

    Take Cues from Successful Mobile Ads
    It is always a challenge to find the right words for mobile ads, which is one of the most relevant tips in creating a more effective design. However, while using all of the right words is important, you can boost the effectiveness of even less impactful text by emulating others who use video or interactivity in their mobile ads.

    The Nielsen organization released a study indicating that 26% of viewers are more likely to click or tap mobile ads if they feature video. Yes, not all platforms allow for video, but if your platform does allow for it, you must take your hints from successful mobile advertisers and integrate video.

    Keep Them Feeling Fascination
    Author and former marketing professional, Sally Hogshead, used the term “fascination” when discussing how to trigger people in your favor during their decision-making process. She wrote that people are influenced by seven “hidden triggers” that include trust, alarm, power, rebellion, passion, prestige and mystique. What does this mean to you? It means choose one of those triggers and design your ad to appeal to your viewer’s emotions, needs, desires, sense of intrigue, and so on. Create a sort of “lean in and look closer” feeling in your audience and you’ll have a far more effective ad that gets a much higher number of clicks. Keep in mind, though, that whatever feeling it generates, it has to sustain it and provide no full answers, otherwise, there is no click.

    Go Light
    Dark colors and mobile ads are a great big no. Why? A dark color on a mobile device screen makes the text more difficult to read, even if it is white against black. Bright and vivid hues are also noted for being appealing and captivating.

    Single Message = More Clarity and More Clicks

    It is difficult to limit yourself to a single, potent message in your mobile advertising. After all, you want to say as much as you can. However, that is not an effective method of marketing. Instead, create that one fascinating visual and partner it with a strong, concise and singular message. The goal is to make it intriguing enough for the audience to want to learn more, or find out how what you offer aligns with their needs.

    It is a lot more challenging to make strong mobile ads than many realize. At Rain you can work with a team experienced in facilitating growth for banks and credit unions, including the creation of unique mobile ads designed to help convert your target audience.


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