Is Advertising in Gaming Apps Effective?

As mobile advertising increases in popularity, more brands are questioning where most users are spending their time. Our research has determined that the majority of smartphone users spend most of their time in apps compared to mobile websites. Out of these mobile users, most of the users are playing games on their phones. So, is advertising in gaming apps effective or not? Interestingly, we found that most of their time is spent specifically in gaming apps.   In fact, studies have shown that 78% of smartphone owners use gaming apps daily – Adweek. More so, the worldwide population plays mobile games at least once per month. On average, these gamers rack up six-and-a-half hours of play time each week. Since mobile users spend so much time there, are gaming apps where you should place your brand’s ads? 



Who Plays Mobile Games? 

You might be wondering why brands aren’t already pumping money into the mobile game ad space. Perhaps it’s because they just don’t understand who’s playing these games. You may be surprised to find out who the typical mobile gamer is. Hint: it’s not all teenage boys. Fifty-two percent of mobile gamers are female and one in three is over 45 years old. That’s a pretty diverse group, presenting a wonderful opportunity for brands — including banks — to increase ROI. 


But wait — the news gets even better! Seventy-three percent of mobile gamers are content with ad-funded games when the game itself is free to download. This is probably because they’re often rewarded in-game for watching an ad. These rewards are typically extra lives, coins, or the ability to unlock a new level in the game. 


    Good For Your Brand

    Another upside to advertising in mobile gaming apps is they tend to be very brand-safe. In the past, players were often concerned about free-to-play games ripping them off. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. App stores, especially those on iOS devices, have an incredibly strict review process games must pass before allowing users to download and play them.


    It’s also important to note that mobile games don’t feature any user-generated content; this limits the risk that your ads will be overshadowed or hurt by user comments. These factors create a premium, high-quality environment for gamers which leads to much more effective ads.


    Game Developers Are On Your Side

    Currently, the majority of in-game ads belong to companies advertising other games. However, game developers aren’t fans of this. The majority of game developers have expressed concern that these ads will drive traffic away from their own game and into competitors. This is good news for you as an advertiser. Developers would much rather display your brand ads. Your ads won’t drive users away from their own game, and players are likely to return to the game after they check out your offer. 


    By 2020, the mobile gaming industry is expected to account for 50% of the total gaming industry revenue. Many advertisers have outdated misconceptions of the mobile gaming audience, which means the current pool of advertisers is still relatively small. Now is the time to jump in and take advantage of the huge audience who is ready and willing to engage with your ads. 

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