How Companies Match Emails to Device IDs

The key to a successful ad campaign is targeting the right audience. But what if you already have a list of people you want to target? Well, that’s even better! Let’s explore how companies match emails to device IDs and how various ad platforms utilize the powerful tool to deliver your ads to the right audience.

With a list of emails in your toolkit you can target the same set of people across multiple devices and constantly retarget them with ads.  


It’s safe to say that most everyone you want to target is on Facebook. Facebook allows you to target a pool of users based on interests and demographics by uploading an email list using Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature. Facebook will then match this email list to their existing user profiles and only show your ads to members from that list. Not only will your ads pop up on your desired audience’s Facebook feed, but they’ll also appear to them across Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network.



    Google Customer Match is a recent addition to Google’s plethora of features. Customer Match will match your uploaded email list to existing Google users, and if they are signed in to any Google platform, they will see your ads.

    The benefit of using Google’s Customer Match is their large presence; remember, Google encompasses not only its search engine, but also the YouTube, Gmail, AdSense, and AdMob networks. Wordtracker shows that there is collective reach of 2+ million websites and over 650,000 apps, and with this your ad is sure to be seen by your target audience.


    Demand Side Platform

    But what if the person you want to target doesn’t have a Gmail or a Facebook account? That’s where Demand Side Platforms, or DSPs, come into play. These non-Google, non-Facebook platforms utilize their own technology to match your email list to consumers, targeting them across different channels that are available through their offerings. 

    No matter what channel you choose to target your existing email list, research shows that it takes six to eight exposures to your ads to even generate a qualified lead. It’s important to be seen by your target audience and maintain a constant presence in their mind. Expanding your reach also helps you increase the probability of gaining more customers.

    Take advantage of the breadth of tools offered by these ad platforms. If you need help with setting these up, contact our digital experts at RAIN today.


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