Curious World I: 5 Fun Facts About Mobile Advertising

If you’ve been a supporter of our blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that we write a lot of articles with tips and “how-tos” related to mobile marketing. Today, though, we’re shaking things up. Instead of telling you how important smartphones have become to our culture, we’re going to tell some of the fun facts about mobile advertising that you can use to impress your friends and convince that mobile marketing is a no-brainer.

Trust us. This will be fun!

 FACT 1: 

Forty-two-and-a-half percent of smartphone users in Brazil would rather give up water and electricity for a day than go without their phones. (Source: eMarketer)

And it’s not just Brazil. TeleNav showed that one-third of the people participating in one of their studies were so attached to their smartphones that they would rather give up sex than their phones. Hmmm…



91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. (Source: ICEF monitor)

Chances are you’re either reading this article on your phone or it’s within reach. We’d even wager that if you look around right now, most of the folks you’ll see are just like you, either holding their phones or keeping them at their fingertips.

Studies also show that seven out of 10 people report having their phone within reach while they’re sleeping, whether that’s on a nightstand, under the pillow, or even in their slumbering hands. For millennials, this number goes up to nine in 10. Let’s face it. The mobile phone is the new teddy bear.


FACT 3: 

85% of smartphone users will check their device while speaking with friends and family. (Source: Statista)

When we use our phones while we are spending time with people we care about – apart from offending them – we enjoy the experience less than we would if we put our devices away,” says University of British Columbia Ph.D. student Ryan Dwyer. 

As rude as it is to be on your phone while you’re surrounded by friends or family, there are much more inappropriate times when people check their phones. One survey showed that 10% of the 1,000 participants have checked their phone while getting romantic or having sex. 



Eighty percent of smartphone users check their phone within one hour of waking up or going to sleep, 35% of which will do it within the first five minutes. (Source: Statista)

Plus, research shows that 46% of Americans check their smartphones before they even get out of bed. It seems that millennials (ages 18 to 24) are the most guilty of FOMO on what happened while they were sleeping, with 66% checking their phones from the comfort of their beds (or their friend’s couch, or whatever the case may be). According to survey results, checking email and social media accounts are the most popular first mobile phone activities upon waking up.

Checking smartphones before going to bed has also become a routine for younger generations. However, it’s been proven that nocturnal smartphone usage can disrupt sleeping patterns on a more subtle level due to the bright blue light emitted by the screen. So if you’re one of those people who need to say “goodnight” to the world on Instagram, make sure you use your night mode screen setting to be sure you’ll catch the proper number of zzzz’s to allow you to get up on time the next morning to check your email from bed. 


The official name for smartphone addiction is Nomophobia, a condition which is defined as  “having a fear of not being with your phone.” 

It is okay if you have never heard of this word. It was first used in 2008 by YouGov researchers, who blended syllables from the phrase “no-mobile phobia.” The UK’s Cambridge Dictionary has accepted the word, and it was actually the People’s Word of 2018. Could Nomophobia eventually become a bona fide medical ailment requiring therapy and calming techniques like petting a pony or going to a safe place? 

But seriously, smartphone usage is no joke. People are simply super-attached to their mobile devices, sometimes to extreme levels. However, this addiction is a boon for advertisers. Never before have you had this level of certainty that someone will have their eyes glued to your ads! 


Take advantage of nomophobia and bring your community bank to the next level by reaching the right person at the right time. The RAIN team would be happy to help you achieve your goals. 


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