Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites Ad Placement

In previous posts, we have mentioned that advertising in-app is much more effective than doing the same on mobile websites. However, there has been no in-depth explanation to fully convince you why devoting your ad spend to in-app advertising is extremely important.

Beginning with the basics, both mobile apps and websites are accessed on handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is extremely easy for users to use on the go, whether they are walking down the street or waiting for their food in a busy restaurant. 

A mobile website is similar to any other website you might visit through your computer, with the main difference being that it is redesign to fit a smaller format and adapted for the touch-screen interface. However, not all desktop websites have been properly adjusted to be mobile optimized just yet. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are actual applications that a user can download and install on their phones or tablets, and with that, avoid rendering within a browser. 

But, why is in-app advertising much more effective?

For starters, users are spending more time apps than navigating mobile websites. It is common sense to spend a higher percentage of your advertising budget where more people can be exposed to your message. 

A few years ago, companies like Facebook and Twitter dominated mobile, but today the marketplace looks a lot different. Even though social media apps are huge industry dominators, there is a wide range of applications that suit everyone’s needs. This is also one reason why mobile users are gradually moving away from mobile browsers.

In-app advertising also offers higher CTR (Click-Through Rate). Research shows that the click-through rate for in-app ads is 0.58% whereas mobile web is as low as 0.23%. 

In addition, ads presented through mobile apps provide better audience targeting. Apps have the ability to pull direct demographic and geo-location data from its users. Being able to filter who will see your ads can save you money in the long run, as you can easily discard an audience who probably won’t be interested in your products or offers.


Now that you are fully convinced about in-app advertising versus web, it is time to launch your first mobile marketing campaign. Look into RAIN as the perfect partner to make sure all your needs are being covered. Our team is ready to help your bank grow! 

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